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Acknowledging, once again, Pakistan's sacrifices and contributions to the global anti-terrorism cause, he said the Chinese side opposed linking of terrorism with any certain country and disagreed to place the responsibility of counter terrorism on a certain country.
These organizations include: the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, including its Terrorism Prevention Branch; the International Monetary Fund; the World Bank; the International Criminal Police Organization; the International Atomic Energy Agency; the World Health Organization; the International Maritime Organization; the World Customs Organization; and the International Civil Aviation Organization.
The two sides will also share their assessments of global and regional terrorism threats.
Whole nation is expecting Pakistan Army to eradicate terrorism who is making tremendous sacrifices to uproot terrorism in country because no betterment is expected from rulers.
Pakistan is among nations which have a success story against terrorism as efforts and sacrifices of army and security agencies in last one and a half year have helped decrease in terrorism activities during year 2015.
He reiterated that while the US regional allies support the ISIL and other terrorist groups by using different methods, Iran is in the frontline of fighting terrorism in Iraq and Syria.
Terrorism coverage is a public/private risk-sharing partnership that allows the federal government and the insurance industry to share losses in the event of a major terrorist attack.
The number of terrorist incidents has increased virtually every year since 9/11 according to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI), which launches today.
Second, the use of a broadly auto-ethnographic approach in which the author reflects on his personal involvement in the development of critical terrorism studies since 2006 can also provide useful insights (4).
The topics to be discussed in the two-day summit include various aspects of fighting terrorism, reasons behind the increasing trend of terrorist activities in the world, challenges and obstacles in the way of fighting terrorism, and enhancing appropriate counter-terrorism means and strategies on bilateral, regional and international levels.
Palitha Kohona has said that Sri Lanka knows very well what terrorism can do to a society, to an economy and to culture.
This is unfortunate in view of the fact that the region continues to witness a rising wave of terrorism with a consequent loss of human life and extensive damage to property.