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Furthermore, the presence of a termination fee can be a signal from the acquiring firm of its level of commitment to the deal.
"We understood that if a consumer wished to terminate the contract early, they would have to pay a termination fee of around PS3,000 if the contract was terminated within the first three years, even if they were moving home."
Company executives vowed to pursue a reverse termination fee of $112.5 million and other possible damages.
rights, and a termination fee set at 2.8% of the transaction value.
This figure for the SMS termination fee is half of what Vodafone claims it is owed by TTL as the net flow of SMS since it filed the petition.
In the event that Golden Crescent receives a proposal it wishes to accept, it may terminate the Amended Share Purchase Agreement without any (a) penalty or payment in favor of Sea Dragon of the previously contemplated termination fee, or (b) right of Sea Dragon to match any alternative proposal.
According to a press release, Northgate's previous agreement with Primero Mining has been terminated and Northgate has paid a termination fee of $25 million to Primero.
Pursuant to the Termination and Release Agreement, CYGAM has agreed to pay $621,278 (the "Termination Fee"), an amount equal to those costs paid by Canoel pursuant to the Farmout Agreement, in exchange for the assignment and transfer of any rights earned by Canoel under the Farmout Agreement or the MOU.
Although the price was not disclosed, reports show that McClatchy will received a $7 million termination fee, after collecting $16.5 million in nonrefundable deposits.
After making several complaints to the operator, I finally decided to cancel my contract but when I approached them they slapped me with an early termination fee of BD100.
San Gabriel Valley residents who have considered upgrading to the most powerful video entertainment and ultra-high-speed broadband services available in the area - Verizon FiOS TV, FiOS Internet and FiOS Digital Voice - can now sign up for a FiOS triple-play bundle with flexible month-to-month pricing, no early termination fee and the same price offered under a long-term contract.
As we previously reported, approximately $300,000 of that amount derived from a non-recurring lease termination fee. The absence of the lease termination fee in 2010 and the subsequent loss of additional tenants in spaces that Old Line Bank and Pointer Ridge lease to tenants were the major causes of the decline in non-interest revenue.
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