termination date

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Termination Date

The date on which a contract is canceled. This may apply to any contract, whether for employment, construction or anything else. Sometimes notice must be given prior to the termination date, depending on the terms of the contract.

termination date

Although the verb “to terminate”in a lease usually implies an ending before the natural expiration,termination date is sometimes used to mean the natural ending date of a lease.

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Accordingly, the termination date for the merger agreement among United Bankshares Inc, its subsidiary, George Mason Bankshares Inc, and Virginia Commerce Bancorp Inc, will be extended from November 30, 2013 to January 31, 2014, while, January 31, 2014 will be established as the closing date for the merger of Virginia Commerce with and into George Mason, consistent with the currently scheduled data conversion.
Holders of the Securities on the stop loss redemption date, which is the fifth business day following the stop loss termination date, will receive a cash payment equal to the stop loss redemption value.
If the acquisition is not completed by the termination date due to a lack of financing or a material adverse change in The Switch's business and if the agreement is terminated, the EUR14.
In all of these cases where the termination date does not coincide with the end of a quarter, much will depend upon the actual wording of the break clause.
No new HOLDRS will be issued and trading of these HOLDRS on the NYSE Arca will be permanently suspended after the close of trading on the Termination Date.
Thereafter, as its termination date gets closer, it will begin to affirmatively transition its remaining below investment grade portfolio holdings to the above mentioned high quality, short-term securities to enhance its ability to efficiently liquidate its portfolio, at termination.
The drilling contract was originally scheduled to terminate on February 1, 2018 and the Amendment provides for a contract termination date of March 31, 2017.
1983)), the district court held that once Roscommon Financial had defaulted, the loan documents effectively transferred control to Darrow; thus, because Roscommon Financial did not control East Dayton on the termination date, it was not liable for East Dayton's unfunded benefit liabilities.
The bonds are subject to mandatory tender: on each proposed interest rate conversion date; the interest payment date immediately preceding the LOC termination date by no less that three business days; the first day of the calendar month in which the stated expiration date of the LOCs occurs; and upon the effective date of an alternate LOC.
However, it also mentioned that as it approaches the termination date, its monthly distributions will declines.
Manulife Asset Management Limited (the Manager ), the Manager of Copernican World Financial Infrastructure Trust, announced today that the termination date of the Trust will be March 5, 2014 (the Termination Date ).
The simplest formula would take the $1,000 in P's account at his termination, add back the $400 previously distributed to him for a total of $1,400, multiply that by his new vested percentage of 70% for a result of $980, and then subtract the $400 that was previously distributed to him, leaving a net vested benefit of $580 at his termination date.