termination date

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Termination Date

The date on which a contract is canceled. This may apply to any contract, whether for employment, construction or anything else. Sometimes notice must be given prior to the termination date, depending on the terms of the contract.

termination date

Although the verb “to terminate”in a lease usually implies an ending before the natural expiration,termination date is sometimes used to mean the natural ending date of a lease.

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On the final payment date unitholders of record on the Termination Date will receive an amount equal to the net asset value per unit as of the Termination Date.
Accordingly, the termination date for the merger agreement among United Bankshares Inc, its subsidiary, George Mason Bankshares Inc, and Virginia Commerce Bancorp Inc, will be extended from November 30, 2013 to January 31, 2014, while, January 31, 2014 will be established as the closing date for the merger of Virginia Commerce with and into George Mason, consistent with the currently scheduled data conversion.
In all of these cases where the termination date does not coincide with the end of a quarter, much will depend upon the actual wording of the break clause.
No new HOLDRS will be issued and trading of these HOLDRS on the NYSE Arca will be permanently suspended after the close of trading on the Termination Date.
00% of the Fund's Shares, were tendered and not withdrawn through the Termination Date, including shares tendered pursuant to notices of guaranteed delivery.
Under the merger agreement, Huntsman is permitted to extend the termination date until October 2, 2008, only if its Board of Directors determines in good faith that there is an objectively reasonable probability that the transaction can be completed in that time frame.
The bonds are subject to mandatory tender: on each proposed interest rate conversion date; the interest payment date immediately preceding the LOC termination date by no less that three business days; the first day of the calendar month in which the stated expiration date of the LOCs occurs; and upon the effective date of an alternate LOC.
The unconditional and irrevocable insurance policy issued by MBIA covering timely payment of interest and ultimate repayment of principal on the certificates by the series termination date,
A receivable purchase agreement in which J Aron is obligated to purchase from CPEP at final maturity or any early termination date, the amounts owed to CPEP by CFU from its initial payment default to pay amounts due on the bonds and net swap payments.
The SBPA will expire on the stated termination date of Jan.
Following the occurrence of an event of default under the reimbursement agreement, the bank has an option to either (i) direct an acceleration of the notes, (ii) provide a notice to the I&PA specifying a termination date for the LOC, so long that such date is at least 30 days from the date of the notice and no earlier than the business day after the maturity of any Note then outstanding, or (iii) direct that no additional Notes be issued.