term certificate

Term certificate

A certificate of deposit with a longer time to maturity.

Term Certificate

A certificate of deposit with a maturity of greater than one year. Term certificates pay more in interest to compensate for the time value of money.

term certificate

A certificate of deposit with a maturity of one year or more.
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The company offers deposit products, including checking, savings, and term certificate accounts, as well as NOW accounts, money market accounts, and fixed rate certificates.
The firm stated that the patent term certificate extends the term of the patent from its original expiration date of 2020.
Apart from residential 2 yrs MBA, it also has Executive MBA, Online MBA (360 Degree Flexible Learning), off campus learning modules for working executives / managers who can not take a break from their work and short term certificate programs that helps students, working professionals and managers to upgrade their skills to cope with the challenges of a competitive world.
CD Rates will be heading higher later this year or early next year so sticking with a shorter term certificate of deposit is the way to go.
He said Stamp Duty is being proposed to be reduced on some financial instruments (Participation Term Certificate, Term Finance Certificate and Commercial Papers) to harmonize the rates with the rates of Islamabad and Punjab.
The current issue number 10 for the three-year term certificate would yield 4.
As noted at the start of this article, associate's degrees and the shorter term certificate (<1 year) had an uptick in conferrals in 2014-15 to near record levels for associate's degrees and a new record level for the shorter-term certificate.
Its deposit products include interest-bearing and non interest-bearing checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, term certificate accounts, individual retirement accounts, and certificates of deposit.
The course will start from Jan 2011 MIRM also announced the introduction of new Short Term Certificate Courses in Regenerative Medicine which includes ten day course, weekend courses for professionals and one month certificate course.
The patent term certificate extends the term of the '498 patent from its original expiration date of 2020.
For associate's degrees as well as the shorter term certificate, we see the continuing large presence of the traditional two-year public community college but also the large but varying roll that proprietary institutions have come to play in this market.
The ISE has recently listed Participation Term Certificate (PTCs) of the Treat Corporation Limited and the trading in these PTCs has started at ISE from October 11.