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An apartment building, especially a shoddy or poorly maintained one. A tenement may only meet the minimum standards for the owner to rent its units legally.


(1) A common expression for apartment buildings in advanced stages of disrepair, located in a generally deteriorated part of town.(2) In its broadest sense, anything permanent that may be the subject of an interest. It is more than just land, but includes all real property that is the subject of a freehold interest and so excludes leases. See land, tenements, and hereditaments for differences among the words.

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The light guttered [burned to edges] and went out, leaving the tenement in darkness; but still he slept.
Jimmie stood until the noises ceased and the other inhabitants of the tenement had all yawned and shut their doors.
His spare jaws, rugged mouth, and square brow were not fashioned on the lines of beauty; and he had passed through many hardships and sorrows which had marked his body as well as his soul; but though at first sight Anne thought him plain she never thought anything more about it--the spirit shining through that rugged tenement beautified it so wholly.
The seemingly dead body of the watchman wandered, as we have said, to the hospital, where it was brought into the general viewing-room: and the first thing that was done here was naturally to pull off the galoshes--when the spirit, that was merely gone out on adventures, must have returned with the quickness of lightning to its earthly tenement.
Children played in the rubbish-strewn courtyards of derelict tenements with smiles on their faces, unaware of the battles their parents were facing.
Each community had its own schools, churches, youth clubs and picture houses Tenement homes created cherished neighbours Always there for one another, especially in tough times There was an abundance of local pubs, too In fact one on every corner Looking back life seemed so Uncomplicated then for us kids Until the demise of tenement living began Neighbours left in their droves for pastures new feet may have walked away from the old neighbourhoods Yet hearts never do, they store life's treasured memories of youth Spent in and around the tenements of our city in the old neighbourhoods by Margaret Donnelly,
A number of prospectors expressed concern over the prevalence of large companies using special software to crunch DMP online systems, in a bid to gain an advantage in securing surrendered tenements, Mr Marmion said.
tenement and the Edward tenements to NQ Minerals Pty Ltd.
The acquisition of this tenement falls clearly within that strategy particularly given its proximity to Padbury's existing tenements and its alignment with the Mt Padbury exploration target areas as can be seen in Figure 1 in link below.
Rents for the tenements were set at 3s 9d for the upper decK and 3s 6d for the lower.
During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the tenements on Orchard Street were populated largely by east European Jewish immigrants, most of whom worked in the local garment industry.
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--Aguia Resources Limited - Tenements granted near Tres Estradas Project(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.