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A number of authors in the field of psychosomatic medicine have noted that patients with musculoskeletal disorders tended to sacrifice themselves masochistically to serve others.
Companies indicating their primary property type to be retail tended pay higher compensation than other property types.
According to Calvano (1985), low achievers tended to require tactual experiences for learning and needed mobility and an authority figure presence nearby while learning.
These attitudes tended to underscore the need for a sound fiscal policy that in conjunction with the continued implementation of an anti-inflationary monetary policy would foster a reduction in inflationary expectations and would facilitate the eventual achievement of price stability.
It appears that a few very well funded programs tended to substantially affect calculations of the mean, giving a false impression of the typical program.
Animals with the biggest ranges, such as polar bears, tended to have the highest infant mortality and do a lot of repetitive pacing, report Clubb and her coauthor Georgia Mason.
Those workers who were completely satisfied with their job's pay, their stress level, and the recognition received tended to be completely satisfied with their job.
The second contrasts three types of saints the author calls "popular," "local," and "official." Here Vauchez argues that ordinary people in the later Middle Ages tended to revere as martyrs individuals (often children) who were unjustly murdered in horrible circumstances, but that there was no clerical support for such cult.
Consequently, Venetian merchants had to rely on these Jewish merchants, whose dominant position in the wholesale trade of products especially valuable to the Venetians (such as wool, cloth, camelots, and alum) tended to make them indispensable as middlemen for foreign exporters.
Recent discussions of "content" or "meaning" in contemporary art generally, and in abstract painting particularly, have tended to obscure the fact that what counts, usually, is to eschew or better yet explode meaning--since the problem in our culture has never been a deficiency of meaning but, rather, a surplus of it.
In those markets, anecdotal reports from around the country tended to confirm recent data indicating some slowing of activity from the pace at the start of the year, but conditions varied substantially across the nation.
Among individuals regularly downing at least 2.5 alcoholic drinks per month, wine drinkers tended to eat more salads, more fish, more cooked vegetables, and more fruit, Tjonneland's team reports in the January American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.