tenancy at will

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Tenancy at Will

A lease binding the parties to each other on a month-to-month basis. A tenancy at will occurs because of some defect in the original lease that renders its term invalid.
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tenancy at will

A landlord-tenant relationship that arises because of some defect in a written lease or because the parties intended to execute a lease but,for some reason,never did.It continues for as long as both parties desire it to continue,usually on a month-to-month basis.Many consumer protection statutes require a minimum of 30 days notice before termination of a tenancy at will. (Do not confuse with a periodic tenancy, which may be from month to month and terminable upon a 30-day notice, but which was never intended to be anything more than a lease for an indefinite time.)

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Unlike standard business tenancies, a tenancy at will does not attract the statutory provisions which give a tenant security at the end of the lease term.
A tenancy at will can be terminated by either party on service of reasonable notice, and, therefore, the tenant has no real protection should the landlord wish to regain possession of his property.
You should find out from the landlord why it is only offering a tenancy at will. Possibly, it has proposals to redevelop.