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in the ten-day window that section 13d(1) gives it after the acquirer
more hurriedly --during the ten-day window before it files, for a total
of the Schedule 13D during the ten-day window permitted by section
He told the official Ulster website: "With our last game against Cardiff providing a ten-day window to recover, it has given us the opportunity to get a few bodies back on board.
Leading stars like Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff can also anticipate further lucrative contracts to play in the Indian Premier League next year with England and Wales Cricket Board chief executive David Collier confirming there will be a ten-day window for them to appear after the tour to the West Indies.
"Rubbish should be emptied within a ten-day window. I pay my council tax and I have never had this trouble anywhere else I've lived in Skelton.
Some clinicians may use a five-day or ten-day window, rather than a week, but the concept is the same.
Finance also may increase and decrease assessments during the next few months, but provides a ten-day window to file an application if it is raised after the deadlines.
with over 40% taking advantage of a large part of the ten-day window.
specified ten-day window, which suggests that the Commission should
five-percent ownership are likely distributed in the ten-day window
"This legal notice gives Coventry City a ten-day window to complete the takeover talks with Ray Ranson and Sisu Capital, along with other parties.