telephone switching

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Telephone switching

Moving one's assets from one mutual fund or variable annuity to another by telephone.

Telephone Switching

An order given over a telephone, especially to transfer assets from one mutual fund or annuity to another. A client has the right to call his/her investment adviser and direct that money be invested only in certain ways. See also: Telephone booth.

telephone switching

The movement of an investor's funds from one mutual fund to another mutual fund on the basis of an order given via telephone.
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We believe that metamorphosis in local telephone switching infrastructure investment is beginning and will support our growth for the next ten years.
Spurred by this event, the metamorphosis in the local telephone switching infrastructure investment is beginning.
Intelis, a developer of advanced CTI applications for use with telephone switching installations
a developer of advanced telecommunications software applications for use with telephone switching installations, has joined the Taqua Open Partners Program (TOPP).
Today, call control server applications enable call management across multiple locations but do not allow developers to easily add the capability to manage calls between telephone switching environments and across locations.
Xin Cheng, Osicom Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, who also stated: "Jim's public company experience, and his considerable experience in the development of digital mobile networks, both here and abroad, as well as his successful track record of deploying and operating a nationwide cellular network with several major mobile telephone switching centers, are highly leveragable skills that will benefit us greatly as we solidify the position of Sorrento Networks as the leading metropolitan optical networking provider.
Fromm began his telecommunications career with AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Lucent Technologies) as a telephone switching system designer.