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The rise extended gains from a technical rally last week and came on the back of nascent optimism over an informal September meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
After a brief technical rally Wednesday, oil prices resumed their slide on European markets Thursday, driven by the combination of excessive production and flagging demand.
In a statement, Total said the unique challenges, high ambient temperatures and a tight technical rally route add excitement to the high calibre of Namibian rally championship competitors.
It's a compact and technical rally which will require good skills in tackling the challenges, not just pure speed, and we stand a good chance of taking a win.
stocks set to rally and a drop in buying pressure on the Bund, the equity rebound started last week could become a technical rally, and the target becomes the 50 percent retracement of the mid-March to early-June slump," Aurel BGC chartist Gerard Sagnier said.
The Tokyo market rebounded at the outset on a technical rally and after U.
Those who had sold short, betting prices would continue to fall, had to cover their positions, thus causing a technical rally of around $3.
It means a lot as the Ford Focus was very fast on this technical rally.
A slight technical rally then followed but further losses cannot yet be ruled out.
6% in thin trading after enjoying a technical rally last week.

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