tear sheet

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Tear sheet

A page from an S&P stock that provides information on thousands of stocks, often sent to prospective purchasers.

Tear Sheet

Informal; a brief statement of information Standard & Poor's compiles and disseminates on various publicly-traded companies. Investment advisers and brokers often share tear sheets with clients to encourage them to invest in certain companies. Originally, these were actual one-page summaries that one could tear out of a book, but most tear sheets are now available online.

tear sheet

A page from one of the security reports published by Standard & Poor's in loose-leaf binders. Customers frequently ask registered representatives to send them tear sheets on particular securities.
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One decision a newspaper will have to make is which electronic version of a tear sheet to use.
The library of ads and artwork consists of five sections: two of tear sheets, one with templates, another containing images, and a section related to co-operative advertising opportunities.
Online media company offers digitized tear sheets for advertisers
We can talk about whether the tear sheet was pulled too early in the press run, or was the last copy off the press," he said, "but the fact of the matter is that for many of these papers, that was the best of the press run.
I'd also advise not to completely disregard the traditional cork board as, covered with pretty pins, inspirational tear sheets and vintage postcards, it can be a work of art in its own right if put together properly.
The platform helps community newspaper publishers by maintaining an ad archiving system, online proofs, electronic tear sheets and e-mail communication tools.
From there you entered the meth lab proper: a table with tubing and glass spheres eerily lit from below and piles of cold-medicine boxes (pseudoephedrine being a primary ingredient of methamphetamine) fabricated by the artists, giant stacks of magazines, a lofted area displaying a collage of Fangoria magazine tear sheets, and other visuals that gave the look of chaos and clutter.
The medication information pad contains tear sheets with details on the prescription drugs Metformin, Glitazones, Acarbose, and Sulphonylureas.
Whenever you collect all your tear sheets and your references and all that, to see everything come to life, it's just really, really amazing and fun.
The remainder of the examples and illustrations are from carefully restored tear sheets and comics from the collections of the author and artist.
However, most publishers supply reprints, tear sheets, or copies at nominal cost.
Educators will also receive four-color, custom tear sheets to distribute to morns-to-be.