tax shelter

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Tax shelter

Legal methods taxpayers can use to reduce tax liabilities. An example is the use of depreciation of assets.

Tax Shelter

An investment vehicle that reduces one's tax liability. For example, a 401(k) defers taxation until withdrawal from the account and may therefore be considered a tax shelter. Tax shelters are legal unless their sole purpose is to avoid taxes. See also: Tax evasion.

tax shelter

An investment that produces relatively large current deductions that can be used to offset other taxable income. Popular tax shelters include real estate projects and gas and oil drilling ventures. Also called shelter. See also abusive tax shelter.

tax shelter

An investment that generates paper losses or tax credits that may be used to offset other income and thus reduce taxes.

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457 eligible governmental plan or a tax-sheltered annuity described in Sec.
Prior to 2002, taxpayers could not roll over a distribution from a Traditional IRA into a tax-sheltered annuity tax-free.
Giving money to charity can be a highly effective way to accumulate a larger tax-sheltered nest egg for a more prosperous retirement and help you transfer more of your assets to your children and other heirs.
The IRS tax-sheltered annuity voluntary correction (TVC) program, established under revenue procedure 95-24 and announced in April, allows employers offering section 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities to voluntarily bring their plans into compliance with the code.
One of the best things you can do for your future is to save as much as you can in a tax-sheltered account.
Although SBL maintains a strong business position in the tax-sheltered annuity market, the operational profile is concentrated almost exclusively in annuities, as the company only has a negligible amount of non-annuity reserves.
SBL has a very strong business profile because of its well-established position in the tax-sheltered annuity market, specifically in the K-12 portion of the retail 403(b) market segment.