tax sale

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Tax Sale

The sale of real estate in order to pay back taxes. In a tax sale, the taxing authority seizes the property for non-payment and then conducts the sale, generally selling to the highest bidder. For example, the IRS may hold a tax sale of a person's house for chronic non-payment of income taxes.

tax sale

A public sale because of unpaid property taxes.In most jurisdictions, the successful purchaser receives only a tax certificate, which will entitle the purchaser to ask for a tax deed after the passage of the time period specified in that state.

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provide the documentation for the complete tax sale process.
In Jones, the Supreme Court held that "the State [of Arkansas] "must take additional reasonable steps to attempt to provide notice to the property owner before selling his property, if it is practicable to do so," when mailed notice of a tax sale was returned unclaimed.
PropertyShark has a dedicated section under the Los Angeles Foreclosures tab with the 3,503 listings that are going to be auctioned at this year's Los Angeles County Tax Sale.
The Annual Tax Sale is an auction of unpaid taxes that the Treasurer's Office is required to conduct by state law.
This course not only includes video tutorials to show you how to register and bid in the Michigan Online Tax Sales, it also includes information on how to invest in the other states that have online tax deed sales, like California, Florida, New York and Louisiana.
The Tax Sale is a four-day auction at which tax buyers bid on unpaid taxes, this year for 2010 bills (mailed in 2011).
Find out more about how tax sales are conducted in each state, how to find the best place to invest, and how to get the tax sale information.
A county in Mississippi doubled the number of properties in its annual tax sale in recent years.
Experts" teach that investors can still buy a house that's worth 6 figures at a tax sale for back taxes.
CHICAGO, June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The names of more than 69,000 property owners who owe about $234 million in delinquent taxes from last year are being published in community newspapers in advance of the Annual Tax Sale which begins July 19, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas said today.
Print a due diligence report to help complete due diligence on tax sale properties
The names of the owners of unpaid bills issued in 2009 were being published in community newspapers today and Thursday to advise them that their unpaid taxes could go to the Annual Tax Sale beginning September 13.