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● Property tax services: Delinquent tax redemption; property tax searches; mobile home tax redemption
The Income Tax department has asked the Bombay court to explain on what basis it gave the tax relief to Bachchan when, according to law, only those artists who earn by performing outside the country or receive payment from foreign agencies can be allowed to enjoy tax redemption.
The Kane County Clerks Office handles several different aspects regarding property taxes, including property tax extension for local governments; past tax searches; delinquent tax redemption; and annexations, disconnections, dissolutions and organization of taxing districts.
"It is an investment scheme that combines very satisfactory and important tax incentives, tax redemptions and subsidies to encourage this very important and promising industry," Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said.
Fund houses had argued that redemptions are not distribution of income, and any move to tax redemptions would amount to double taxation.
Four proposals are considered: (1) a new proposed that would tax pro rata distributions (dividends) like stock sales by allowing the taxpayer to recover a fraction of stock basis on the receipt of the dividend; (2) a proposal (by George Yin) to impose a uniform corporate-level tax on distributions of all types, including dividends and redemptions, and that would exempt stock sales from tax; (3) a proposal (by Marvin Chirelstein) to tax redemptions as though they were pro rata distributions followed by stock sales by the redeemed shareholders to the nonredeemed shareholders; and (4) mark-to-market taxation, under which all accrued gains would be taxed annually even without a stock sale or distribution.
The country has created a "free-zone", with offers of multiple tax redemptions. Moreover, Burundi has instated a liberalised work code and the newly approved licence for opening bank accounts to facilitate commercial transactions.