tax deed

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Tax Deed

An instrument proving ownership of a piece of real estate purchased in a government tax sale. That is, if a government confiscates property due to lack of payment of taxes and then sells it to another party, the tax deed proves the other party's ownership.

tax deed

A deed issued to the successful purchaser at an auction for unpaid real estate taxes, but only after passage of a predetermined period of time during which the owner may reclaim the property by paying all past-due taxes,expenses of sale,and interest. See also tax certificate.

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Rather, the holder of a Tax Deed must, in order to comply with fundamental requirements of due process, commence a judicial proceeding under the NCAC to confirm its title to the property.
The buyers claimed that their title under the tax deed was unassailable because, under F.
Finding that the tax buyer had complied with the code's notice provisions and had satisfied its statutory duty of diligent inquiry in attempting to locate the property owners, and because no redemption had been made, the circuit court directed the county clerk to issue the tax buyer a tax deed to the property.
5) The clerk must send notice of the upcoming tax deed sale by certified mail return receipt requested to each of the persons listed on the tax collector's statement.
com has recently hosted a webinar with investors who have created software that allows the gathering of all the information needed to make buying decisions for tax lien and tax deed investors of any experience.
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