takeover target

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Takeover target

A company that is the object of a takeover attempt, friendly or hostile.
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Takeover Target

A publicly-traded company that is the object of a takeover, especially, but not necessarily, a hostile takeover. That is, another company is interested in buying the takeover target, often by buying its shares with the intent of obtaining a majority stake without the authorization of its board of directors. An acquiring company identifies takeover targets based on a variety of factors, including share price and growth potential; it may buy up to 5% of the takeover target without publicly disclosing its intentions. A takeover target is also called a target company.
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takeover target

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3% and government may set target of 2% for 2019-20 in this sector.
The ports that exceeded their collection targets are, namely, the Port of Batangas, which collected P12.176 billion from its P12.029-billion target; the Port of Limay collecting P3.642 billion from its P3.161-billion target; the Port of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which collected P3.591 billion from its P3.587-billion target; the Port of Cebu with P2.669 billion from its P2.341-billion target;
The North Central team finished with 1,150 targets, earning a triangular victory over Team Minnesota (1,137 targets) and Team Wisconsin No.
The FAIO makes target execution recommendations to the JAGIC chief based from the target type, and the activity associated with the target based from the approved and published attack guidance matrix (Figure 2) when passing the dynamic targets (Figure 3) to the JAGIC.
Unfortunately, many shooters who own a handgun for personal or home defense never progress beyond punching holes in a bullseye target. Steel targets and 3-D humanoid targets make for a more interactive and meaningful training experience.
Accenture Plc (ACN): JP Morgan cut its price target for this stock to $120 from $124.
A field target match consists of multiple lanes of fire, each with one, two or even three targets placed at unknown distances from 10 to 55 yards.
He informed that they had almost completed all the set targets and added that the Onion sowing target would be achieved very soon.
“With the rise in ammo costs, we've been getting a lot of requests from customers for a greater variety of targets specifically designed for rimfire ammunition, so we decided to add an entire product line to meet the demand,” Chad Burdette, Action Target's portable target product manager, said.
Only one of these LOEs had a traditional use for targeting--assured mobility identified violent extremist networks and improvised explosive device cells to target. Although the brigade did not have maneuver forces available to attack these targets, the assured mobility officer in charge participated in the U.S.
When the targets are widely spaced, the KCR Subgun match winner will conserve ammo and thus save time by efficiently firing only one round at each target.
Joint Publication 3-60 describes targeting as a method of selecting and prioritizing targets, matching the appropriate response to them, integrating fires into the operations process, and creating desired effects necessary to achieve objectives.