takeover target

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Takeover target

A company that is the object of a takeover attempt, friendly or hostile.

Takeover Target

A publicly-traded company that is the object of a takeover, especially, but not necessarily, a hostile takeover. That is, another company is interested in buying the takeover target, often by buying its shares with the intent of obtaining a majority stake without the authorization of its board of directors. An acquiring company identifies takeover targets based on a variety of factors, including share price and growth potential; it may buy up to 5% of the takeover target without publicly disclosing its intentions. A takeover target is also called a target company.

takeover target

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At LANSCE, a 120 [micro]A, 800 MeV proton beam pulsed at 20 Hz impinges on a tungsten spallation target; MeV neutrons emerging from the target are cooled in a liquid hydrogen moderator and transported via a supermirror guide to the experimental apparatus (Fig.
Weller wouldn't go so far to say that Target is the Starbucks of housewares.
The iSCSI initiator comprises layers that are key to providing multiple data paths between servers and iSCSI storage targets, like those provided by the iSCSI intelligent storage switch.
A discussion of several specific issues that public company management should examine in conducting a Sarbanes-Oxley "audit" of an M & A target follows.
Credible targets may also facilitate changing price expectations, thereby minimizing the additional challenge of entrenched inflation psychology.
338(h)(10) election, assets of the old target, including the sale proceeds, are deemed distributed to the old target shareholders.
Robin Hood never really knew how far away his targets were, so he couldn't use aiming techniques very well.
Knowing how physician executives gain compliance from targets with different organizational status would provide a more complete understanding of the way they are influencing.
Intellectual property (IP)--A primer on IP trends in the targets space and how it impacts commercialization and business development in the GPCRs space.
Compared to the liquid helium and solid targets, the scattering rate in the hydrogen target is quite high requiring more effort to control the scattering systematics.
Across the state, law enforcement officials worry that the way homeland security money is being allocated leaves prime targets vulnerable.
Moreover, most targets provide an ample disk block cache, and I/O that can be satisfied from that cache will be faster than I/O that must go all the way to the target's disks.