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Targeting is, from my perspective, the lever with which we can shape the battlefield using knowledge of the environment gained through accurate center of gravity analysis and collection along all LOOs under the auspice of effects based operations.
Fielding this advanced AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar on various platforms will provide the focused, targeting quality information we need for fleeting, time-sensitive targets, while complementing the wide-area capabilities of space-based and unmanned systems.
By targeting this tumor protein the antibody may be developed into a product that causes tumor cell death.
Despite all the rhetoric associated with the pursuit of price stability, all the targeting countries examined here have chosen an inflation target--ranging from 0 to 4 percent annual inflation--rather than a price-level target.
These include enzyme delivery by targeted gene therapy followed by prodrug activation within the tumor, activation of the drug by the hypoxic nature of most solid tumors, activation in conjunction with antibody targeting, and activation by radiation of the tumor site itself.
During the decide function of the targeting process one of the responsibilities of the FAIO is to provide target criteria to the analysis and control element (ACE), ensure the ACE understands and follows the high payoff target list (HPTL), target selection standards (TSS), and attack guidance matrix (AGM) demonstrated in Figure 2.
However, the attempt to use the targeting process did not seem to work.
Chapter 6 of that handbook is titled "The Sustainment Targeting Process." The handbook makes some very good points that are highlighted time-and-again in CALUs trend analyses.
* By having some of the brightest people in our country discuss the latest in precision weapons, targeting, and tactics, you bring even greater capability, thinking beyond the current, and into the future.
TARGETING HAS BEEN a vital part of air and space operations since an aircraft dropped the first weapon.
With this information, a buyer can: a) agree with the seller's valuation and submit an aggressive bid; b) walk away from the deal if it is overvalued; c) consider options such as earn-outs to keep the seller with some "skin" in the game; or d) develop purchase price adjustments targeting the buyer's specific financial concerns.

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