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Paired sample t tests indicated significant differences between baseline and 6-month average daily narcotic doses in morphine equivalents for the Taper Group.
The optimum configuration with no wheels and a full height taper (Figure 9a) falls between 8[degrees] and 12[degrees] with both showing a reduction of [DELTA][C.sub.D] = -0.020.
Figure 6 shows the effect of simultaneous variation in blade root chord length and blade taper on the control effort of the FCS of a helicopter for hover, 40-knot straight-and-level flight condition, and 80-knot straight-and-level flight condition, respectively.
While the potential of taper to promote physiological recovery and improvement in the athletes' performance is a phenomenon well established (3,7,12,13,21,22,33), the majority of the supporting data comes from studies with elite adult athletes.
Reducing a sprue bushing's overall length, internal taper, and orifice size can drastically reduce the mass of plastic at the mold's parting line.
The proposed Gaussian tapered post-wall slotline antenna has been simulated and optimized using CST MWS.
length, density and taper) was evaluated as per the criteria given in Table 1.
The company intends to use the Taper DPI initially to develop a combination drug product, referred to as APC-5000 DPI, aimed at the treatment of asthma and COPD by delivering the same active ingredients as GlaxoSmithKline's Advair Diskus(R).
"Regardless, for the Fed, the taper has become a question of "pick your poison".
However, market analysts expect the Fed to put off its planned quantitative easing (QE) taper until March, 2014, as the ( ongoing fiscal gridlock in the US has thrown the world's leading economy out of gear.
"Like our Plasma Fusion Splicer, our Taper Manufacturing Station also delivers exceptionally high repeatability, resulting in lower production costs," said Wiley.