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laminating the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape to the polypropylene film to achieve maximum bond strength.
These challenges are why most DR planners have switched from tape or virtual tape backups to replication for DR purposes.
The fourth tape in the series, The Next Generation, focuses on how children and adolescents are affected by addiction-their own and their parents-as well as prevention efforts being used with young people.
Keep in mind that just because a file is listed on a tape directory doesn't guarantee it actually is there.
Most departments surveyed allowed the interrogating officer to decide whether to tape, some gave that authority to the sergeant, while still others always taped in specific types of cases.
While none of the new disk-based backup and recovery technologies mentioned above are perfect, all three, if implemented and used properly, can significantly improve IT administrators' ability to meet--and even shrink--backup and restore windows by allowing them to read and write data faster than it's possible with tape.
The servo pattern is decoded in a drive by measuring the distance (a) between frame stripes at the servo read gap position while tape is transported longitudinally across the recording head.
Tape drives are a crucial building block of tape libraries.