technical advice memorandum

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technical advice memorandum (TAM)

A written interpretation of tax law as it relates to a specific problem posed by a specific taxpayer.The question must regard a closed transaction—a dispute over the treatment of something done in the past,not a request for advice on how to proceed in the future.Only an IRS district director or the chief of a local Appeals Office may request a TAM, which is then written by the National Office.TAMs are binding on the IRS for only the transaction at hand. Other taxpayers who use the TAM as guidance for their own actions do so at their own risk,because the IRS may take the opposite position the next time. Contrast with a private letter ruling, which has the same effect but the guidance comes from the local office and the advice relates to a future transaction. Contrast also with a revenue ruling, which is often issued in response to a particular taxpayer problem but which may be used by all other taxpayers as authority for their actions.
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In remarks before the ABA Section of Taxation on May 5, 2006, you acknowledged any effective TAM process "must include among its characteristics an honest and forthright effort by the Service and Counsel to reevaluate any positions formulated in either the Case Specific or Generic Legal Advice in light of specific arguments advanced by the taxpayers and their representatives during the TAM process.
Moreover, the IRS might use the position stated in TAM 200603027 to require the taxpayer to link the new LIFO pools and the items accounted for under the LIFO method.
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In TAM 9721002, a buyer, which had purchased a target's stock in a transaction it had elected to treat as an asset acquisition, terminated employees whose severance rights had been established in preacquisition plans.