Total Annual Loan Costs

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Total Annual Loan Costs (TALC)

A measure of interest cost on a reverse mortgage.

See Reverse Mortgage/TALC.

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When tetracycline became unavailable, talc was the choice of many physicians because it is an inexpensive, widely available and effective agent with reported success rate of 90% [15].
Biopsies on these protuberances were followed by complete drainage of the pleural fluid and nebulisation of 2 g talc with a particle size of 10 [micro]m to 30 [micro]m (Talc De Luzenac, Toulouse, France).
Rosenfeld agrees that developing a new talc might seem insignificant to some larger companies, but he notes that it relates to the original intent of the founder to improve the lives and comfort of the people who use the company's products.
We found, to our surprise, that talc causes tumour growth to slow down and actually decreases the tumor bulk," said Veena Antony, M.
DISCUSSION: Exposure to talc in the course of carpet installation has not been reported as a possible cause of pneumoconiosis.
That she loved a married man after she and my father divorced has nothing to do with talc but everything to do with her fears of not being a woman.
This is a white powder with a high absorbency for liquids, therefore it is often used to soak up the perfume compound before being added to the talc portion.
In 1905 the quarry was acquired by the Societe des Talcs de Luzenac (Mengaud, 1909); in 1988 it was purchased by the Groupe Luzenac, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), the world's foremost producer of talc at 1.
The talc can also be used as filler in plastics, he says.
Finely ground talc particles found in baby powder are easily carried in the air and, if inhaled, can injure a baby's lungs.