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One who has bought a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting sale; the opposite of short.

Long Position

The ownership of a security or derivative, or the state of having bought one or the other. A long position brings with it the right to coupon payments or dividends attached to the security or derivative. Informally, one who owns 100 shares of a stock is said to be "long 100 of the stock." Likewise, an investor who has bought (or holds) an option is said to be "long the option" because he/she has the right to exercise the option at a later date. See also: Short position, Close a position.


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While it is tempting to get caught up in the individual successes or frustrations of a given legislative or political season, taking the long view of career and technical education shows great successes in communities across the country.
Again, taking the long view has paid off for the cosmetics and fragrance company, and its 1990 performance is hitting record levels.
What s more, taking the long view has kept us on track to return to budgetary balance in 2015, as promised, with an expected surplus of $3.
Also, by pointing out the impressive cumulative achievements of humanity over centuries of time (what he called "the long-term multifold trend"), Kahn embodied another important futurist virtue: taking the long view, not demanding, or even promising, quick results.
Taking the long view means a number of things for producers and companies.
So instead of taking the long view and buying good land that would eventually produce high quality timber (look to the French and their magnificent oak forests), the FC trapped itself into having to find trees that would grow on acid upland soils.
Both the symphonies are here, the First in a patiently-constructed reading from a conductor (Sir Bernard Haitink with the Philharmonia Orchestra) used to taking the long view in great Wagnerian spans; here the opening movement has the clicking tension of a Walkure prelude, brass consummatory, in a reading less brittle than some more Gallic interpretations.
Coach Phil Jackson, taking the long view, figures he will need Richmond and Brian Shaw later in the season and is more concerned about keeping them fresh than having them be productive.
The product clearly appeals to investors unsettled by the recent chaos on the world's stock markets but still taking the long view.
Sleeper says that taking the long view of retailing's future has helped AccessVia to deliver products that are agile enough to integrate with technologies just now on the horizon.

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