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The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.


The act or process of selling a new issue of a security to investors. Most of the time, a placement must be registered with the SEC before it can actually take place. See also: Private placement.


To sell a new securities issue.


an aspect of DISTRIBUTION concerned with ensuring that a firm's products are available for consumers to purchase at appropriate locations.


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Work will also be taking place on the A1 southbound carriageway between Newton Low Hall and Felton, south of Alnwick.
2For kids, a number of Easter egg hunts are taking place.
A Christmas Eve crib service is also taking place at 6pm while a service is taking place on Christmas Day at 10am.
SOUTHPORT: An introduction to birdwatching is taking place on April 19 and 20 at Southport Pier between 11amand 4pm.
No longer can State Department officials blithely dismiss famines and massacres taking place abroad as immaterial to American interests.
Some scholars (Feston, 1994) consider that a third phase has been taking place since 1980 with the growth of large Pentecostal societies that have shown themselves capable of mastering both a populist understanding of the sacred and the most modern means of communication, especially TV, thereby gaining an immediate national and international audience.
Sales volume soared, with 28 transitions taking place in 1996, an increase over the 16 that took place in 1995.
An increase in the conductance ratio indicated that wear was taking place while a decrease in the conductance ratio indicated that plugging was taking place.
One gauge of its commercial potential is the healthy amount of research activity currently taking place.
Since pressures increase with depth in the earth, "this is very strong evidence that melting in the Archean took place at much greater depths than it is taking place today,' says Herzberg.
A BOOK fayre is taking place on Saturday, April 17, at St Isan's Church Hall, Llanishen, Cardiff.