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com in early 1996 and has about 400,000 daily online visitors, has been selling its books online but believes the alliance will boost revenues as electronic commerce takes hold.
Twentieth Century Fox will also plan simultaneous releases of its films on BD and DVD as the format takes hold and household penetration grows.
Even today's visitor to the now-empty structure is likely to shudder as claustrophobia takes hold.
Titled "Videoconferencing Takes Hold in China -- IP Communications and the Great Leap Forward," the report, written by Beijing-based Wainhouse Research analyst Stacy Austin Li, is based on interviews with both Chinese and non-Chinese manufacturers doing business in mainland China, as well as resellers and network service providers.
The verdict: Like Myst, D takes hold of your soul if you don't stay alert.
Peter Hayes, as Director of Health Strategy for Hannaford Brothers, expects price will become more transparent and quality will increase in importance as consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) takes hold.
But when drink takes hold, the cold, hard demon it unleashes is truly frightful to behold.