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A cash surplus generated by the sale of one block of securities and the purchase of another, e.g., selling a block of bonds at 99 and buying another block at 95. Also, a bid made to a seller of a security that is designed (and generally agreed) to take the seller out of the market.


1. Informal; to borrow.

2. Extra cash that an investor derives when he/she sells a position and then buys a similar position for a lower price.

3. To make a bid for the entirety of a security that a seller owns.

4. Informal for a merger or acquisition. The term comes from another informal term, "in play," which refers to a company either soliciting offers for a buy-out or vulnerable to a hostile takeover. A takeout means that the company involved as been "taken out of play."
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THESE DAYS, YOUNG ADULTS ARE INSTANT messaging their friends as fast as they're calling each other on cellphones about something someone just downloaded to a video iPod--all while eating takeout food that was ordered online.
The reporter asked about the propriety of the BOE statistically sampling a takeout food business to see how much is consumed on-site, and hence subject to sales tax.
Because he can tell by the set of your chin if you've had a bad day; because he'll bring home takeout food just when you're positive you can't cook one more meal in this lifetime; because he tells you he thinks you're really cute and means it, even if you're not wearing any makeup and you haven't sucked your stomach in.
Materials being used for takeout food containers are being rapidly replaced by biomass plastic in South Korea.
The growing popularity of takeout food from full service restaurants, along with expanded prepared food offerings from supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail stores, will further increase the importance of packaging in terms of visual appeal, and the ability to protect food and enable later reheating in the same container.
For example, Notting Hill consumers may require more takeout food, drink more wine and prefer more premium offers from their Tesco Metro, so a brand may wish to develop a specific offer which will make their store a destination outlet and have greater resonance with that particular group of shoppers.
Packaging demand will be fueled by growth in the limited-service restaurant segment, growing popularity of takeout food from full-service restaurants, and broader prepared-food offerings from supermarkets.
Many department stores are scurrying to expand floor space of shops serving the takeout food and food chain operators are opening new outlets all over the nation.
They're spending $25,000 for kitchen remodeling with professional-caliber cooking equipment, but they use it for takeout food and speed-scratch cooking.
Yan works for a pimp (Yung Wai Yiu) and lives in a tiny apartment where she eats takeout food and watches TV; she sees clients in various seedy hotels.
The difference for insurers between gross advisory rates and prospective loss costs is similar to the difference between going to the corner deli for takeout food or going to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.
Upscale takeout food that is ready to eat will be featured in more supermarkets in the near future.