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(1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.

Take a Position

The state of owning or owing a security or other asset. One has a long position when one owns something, while one has a short position when something is sold, especially sold short. See also: Close a position.


To accept the price at which a dealer offers a security.


(1) A generic term meaning to acquire title by whatever means, such as by deed, by will, by purchase,or by gift,to name a few.(2) A common expression for a condemnation under the power of eminent domain.

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Portions of the act take effect the third full fiscal year following enactment; the remainder take effect in 60 days.
Mayor James Hahn is expected to sign the measure, which would then take effect in 30 days.
Fujioka was said to have told the mayor he was following the regulations of both the existing charter and new one that will take effect July 1 - directing him to report to both the mayor and City Council.