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Since the beginning of this year, DryShips has taken delivery of 16 vessels and expects to take delivery of one more at the beginning of next year.
United was the first airline to order and take delivery of the 737-200.
Barely a month after receiving the region's first sharklet equipped aircraft, we are pleased to take delivery of the second aircraft as per the fleet plan schedule," said Adel Ali, group chief executive officer, Air Arabia.
ET is the first airline to take delivery of the newly configured aircraft, which offers seven business class and 60 economy class seats.
Ethiopian Airlines chief executive Tewolde Gebremariam said Thursday his company is excited to be the first carrier to take delivery of a Dreamliner in Africa, Europe and the Americas.
The company's experience with Fuchs has been positive enough to result in an order for a second machine, this time a slightly smaller Fuchs 340 model that Empire will take delivery of soon and primarily use to feed the shear.
The MTA is scheduled to take delivery of 44 heavy-rail cars by June 1998 and the additional 24 by June 1999.
In addition to making European businesses more competitive, this commitment by NetJets Europe to take delivery of 24 Falcon 7X jets will support 2500 jobs over the next 6 years in France and throughout Europe.
In addition, the company will take delivery of four 787 Dreamliners this year.
Peter Hill said the airline had already taken delivery of one Boeing 737-800 and would take delivery of four B737-800s and four Airbus A330-300s in the coming months, all as part of previously announced deals.
It will take delivery of three more this year and two in 2007.
The airline has already taken delivery of three of the four CRJ700 jets to be delivered by Bombardier, and will take delivery of the remaining three of six GECAS aircraft, now through the first quarter of 2006.