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The remaining reserves after a project financing has been repaid. Sometimes refers to the residual value.
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1. In a bond auction, the difference between the lowest bid and the average bid in the auction.

2. In a quote, the cents rather than the whole dollar amount. For example, in the quote $32.59, tail is 59 cents. This term is most common in new issues of a security.

3. See: Residual Value.
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1. In a bid for a new security issue, the portion of the bid price that follows the decimal. For example, a bid of $92.125 has a tail of .125.
2. The difference between the average bid and the lowest bid at an auction for Treasury securities.
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Even people who take great pride in having gotten ahead through hard work can, if prompted and upon reflection, recognise the tail winds that helped them.
As a balloonist I once had to wait three months to take off but we hope it will not be as long this time." Mr Fossett was due to take off from Nasa's Kennedy Space Centre at 6.42am local time (11.42am UK time) today but was waiting for unexpected tail winds to subside.
Rose (20-16) took advantage of a strong tail wind to the turn but was pipped by Andy Proffittt (Artic - Shorter Rochford RT).
"The conditions were perfect - there was a tail wind. I should have gone back to 14 strides, but I haven't really got my run-up sorted.
Keys supporters could be forgiven for starting to count their proverbial chickens as outside half Gethin Worgan used the second half tail wind to add two penalties to his earlier conversion.
Perhaps the most stunning recent example of this phenomenon is the arrival last autumn of a duck, a male American Redhead, on Kenfig Pool, its arrival coinciding with a westerly tail wind.
Thomas della Casa from Deutsche Bank has stated that Crossair needs some 'tail wind' in the form of an economic upswing to help it succeed.
Following a dry afternoon and a tail wind the ground has dried out.
Henry is a big admirer of the English-born No.6 who can perform with equal comfort across the back row, and with a good tail wind Down Under he should challenge England's Richard Hill for a Test spot.
at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, 40 minutes early because of a tail wind.
Each race went as nti-clockws ise around the half mile circuit and the weather could hardly have been better at this notoriously chilly venue, normally renowned for being 'two coats colder' - bright and sunny, 14 Celsius and a good strength tail wind out of the final, fast bend up the 130 metre home straight.