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The remaining reserves after a project financing has been repaid. Sometimes refers to the residual value.
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1. In a bond auction, the difference between the lowest bid and the average bid in the auction.

2. In a quote, the cents rather than the whole dollar amount. For example, in the quote $32.59, tail is 59 cents. This term is most common in new issues of a security.

3. See: Residual Value.
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1. In a bid for a new security issue, the portion of the bid price that follows the decimal. For example, a bid of $92.125 has a tail of .125.
2. The difference between the average bid and the lowest bid at an auction for Treasury securities.
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In Brazil, tail docking is recommended and considered common practice in recommendations for sheep production (SEBRAE, 2009; DEMINICIS et al., 2013).
Cosmetic tail docking is usually performed on puppies between two and five days of age, most often as a means of complying with breed standards established by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other such organizations.
Ear cropping and tail docking are banned in Australia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, and parts of Austria.
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"People need to be aware that tail docking is illegal subject to certain exceptions.
ACTRESS Miranda Richardson, from Southport, has joined TV vets Trude Mos-tue and Emma Milne in calling on MPs to ban the practice of tail docking of dogs, when they vote in the Commons today.
I THINK questions need to be asked and assurances given in the wake of the Fakenham card on February 17, which carried the following race titles: 'One Year On And Hunting Still Continues' Beginners' Chase, 'Keep Tail Docking For Working Dogs' Selling Handicap Hurdle, 'Hunting Will Survive The Ban' Novices' Hurdle, 'Hands Off Our Hunting' Handicap Chase, 'Hunting Act - Still Unworkable Legislation' - Handicap Hurdle, and 'Go Hunting Tomorrow' NH Flat Race.
The report for veterinarians covers veterinary malpractice, disciplinary decisions, non-compete agreements, tail docking, ear cropping and other veterinary procedures, ownership vs.
researcher to study the practice, called "tail docking." It's commonly done by dairy farmers for sanitary reasons and is growing in popularity, moving from adults to calves at ever-younger ages.
Last week Lloyd Earlington, 35, and Julie Ward, 37, both of AlumRock and David Hunkins, 33, of Washwood Heath, were all jailed for three months after they caused the death of 11 puppies by carrying out a 'barbaric' tail docking operation.
Also, the site of a recent tail docking appeared infected.
The main rules of the Directive are: a minimum surface requirements for different categories of pigs; a prohibition of the construction or conversion of installations in which sows and gilts are tethered; castration of male pigs aged over four weeks may be carried out only under anaesthetic by a veterinarian or a qualified person; a prohibition of routine tail docking and tooth clipping; if tooth clipping appears necessary, it must be carried out within seven days of birth; piglets must not be weaned from the sow at less than three weeks of age.