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Lots for the Embryo Tag Sale have consignments from breeders in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Canada, including entries from Sterndale, Ridgefield, Hays Genetics, Absolute Genetics, Drointon, Nosbisch Holsteins Germany and Butlerview Farms in the USA.
Suburbanites who had never been to a Gas & Electric show heard about the tag sale, and came to see Cabinet of Wonders.
I would buy my yarn at the factory store or at tag sales, then crochet baby afghans and other items.
Managers are now able to tag sales reps using the @ symbol and the hash tag symbol can be used for categorizing the lead by campaign.
She scours tag sales looking for DVDs that children can watch and she gathers recent magazines to keep the adults entertained.
Middle class moms, retirees, college students and green-minded recyclers all took to the tag sales in droves.
in the name), is an innovative new kiosk system for creating personal pet identity tags that has customers mesmerized and pet tag sales soaring.
Fishing license and tag sales were down last year due to poor salmon returns, she said, and some of this year's increase may be just a return toward normal.
To support Go Red, Flooring America holds two Red Tag Sales each year to benefit the movement--one in August and one in February.
In the 12 months to April 2005, Roxan tag sales have trebled to five million in the UK thanks to the popularity of Adamatic.
This means 100 percent of the funds generated through tag sales will be used to provide grants for children's legal services.
Tag sales have fallen dramatically since 1993, and the nonresident statewide quota has not sold out since then.