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While not proven as a first line agent, it has been shown to improve systemic vascular resistance if therapy with norepinephrine fails [4].
In our study, marathon runners had higher mean arterial pressure and systemic vascular resistance exploring the experience in marathon running.
Systemic vascular resistance is underestimated and therapeutic strategy is possible to be misleading in condition of significant artery pressure gradient.
Major threat with use of regional anesthesia is reduction in systemic vascular resistance and reversal of left to right shunt, which may results in hypoxia.
Mean Arterial Pressure and Systemic Vascular Resistance. In this abovementioned study [11] the gain of CO (L x [min.sup.-1] x [W.sup.-1]) during the first 30 s of exercise was similar between younger and older DM men and their age-matched controls.
Blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, stroke volume and systemic vascular resistance were measured at rest, during performing the arithmetic operations and during the response to the signal displayed on the monitor.
In a comparative study of propofol and ketamine infusion for cardiac catheterization procedure Oklu et al20 found a decrease in systemic vascular resistance with propofol leading to increased right to left shunting, whereas ketamine did not produce these changes.
During early septic shock systemic vascular resistance is usually elevated and cardiac output decreased.
Shortly after birth, systemic vascular resistance increases and pulmonary vascular resistance decreases.
Haemodynamic evaluation by transpulmonary thermodilution (PiCCOplus, Pulsion Medical Systems, Munich, Germany) under an infusion of noradrenaline at 0.4 [micro][min.sup.-1] revealed the following values: cardiac output: 8.4 l.[min.sup.-1] (NV: 4 to 8 l.[min.sup.-1]), cardiac index: 3.46 l.[min.sup.-1].[m.sup.2] (NV: 2.5 to 4 l.[min.sup.-1].[m.sup.2]), systemic vascular resistance index: 1810 dyn.s.[cm.sup.-5].[m.sup.2] (NV: 1200 to 2000 dyn.s.[cm.sup.-5].[m.sup.2]), intrathoracic blood volume index: 762 ml.[m.sup.-2] (NV: 850 to 1000 ml.[m.sup.-2]), extravascular lung water index: 22 ml.[kg.sup.-1] (NV: 4 to 7 ml.
Pulmonary vascular resistance (Rp) and systemic vascular resistance (Rs) were calculated using the following formulas: Rp = mean pulmonary artery pressure--mean left atrium pressure / Qp, Rs = mean aortic pressure--mean right atrium pressure / Qs.

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