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Even if synchronous communication is not possible, uploading videos to YouTube could allow for asynchronous video discussions, and asynchronous audio options are also available.
The role of synchronous communication in fully distance education.
When Te is 250 msec and Tp is 500 msec, the delay becomes worse compared with the more than 500 msec of Te because the synchronous communications occur many times because cache miss of the sensor data occurs.
The synchronous communication mode also made it easier to provide immediate feedback to information seekers.
Issues in using synchronous communication in course delivery are
This has significantly increased the need for better support of synchronous communication among team members collaborating over a design.
The VCXO works as a signal-enhancing filter for a synchronous communication systems that imbed their own content data, clock and error correction data.
* Synchronous communication (real-time chat and whiteboard);
Peripheral blocks integrated in the ST10F168 include a CAN interface, 32-channel capture and compare unit, five 16-bit timers, 16 channels of 10-bit analog-digital converters with a conversion rate down to 7.76us, a four channel pulse-width modulation unit, an asynchronous communications channel, synchronous communication channel, 56 interrupt sources with a sample rate down to 40ns, eight channel peripheral event controlled interrupts transferring data within one CPU cycle, an on-chip bootstrap loader, an idle mode and two powerdown modes.
The strongest assumption that can be made about inter-process communication is that any message sent by a correct process to another correct process is always received within a given delay--the so-called synchronous communication assumption.
Videoconferencing is synchronous communication in real time via audio, video, and data between two or more distant locations (Simonson, Smaldino, Albright, & Zvacek, 2009).

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