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Because be had developed an interpretation of the function from the physical model, instruction that showed him how to write an equation did not compromise his opportunity for reasoning about the function, but helped symbolically anchor his knowledge.
Indeed, Barbadian folklore has also memorialized the threat symbolically inherent in sugarcane: The "outman," a spooky figure said to haunt and chase children, has sugarcane fields as his hiding place, thus imbuing them with a sense of danger.
The story is symbolically told in the two-act ballet, which moves to New York's City Center February 19-22 and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.
Ken Privratsky waved the quilted flag to symbolically start the race, then fell into formation with 120 Army recruiters and ROTC members from Eastern Washington and Gonzaga universities," stated a news article in the May 6 Spokesman-Review.
I continue to think," he added, "that the proposal of the pro-life movement is valuable not because it is able to solve miraculously and once and for all so many bioethical questions, but because it is the bearer of a simple but symbolically high and strong message: The human embryo is one of us" (Communique Feb.
The number 40 is to be understood symbolically, not legalistically," says Michael Driscoll, who teaches liturgical studies at the University of Notre Dame, in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.
Since there is little or no underdrawing for any of the most supposedly symbolically charged elements in the double portrait, the author (201) rightly discounts Panofsky's more symbolic interpretation of the piece.
In Sita, the legend of the goddess of agricultural land choreographed for them by Darsham Singh Bhuller, the star duo presented controlled sculptured Indian poses and rolled symbolically on the floor.
This hazardous stretch, symbolically monitored by the CEO as it curves away around a blind curve into the unknown, represents still another factor resolved by insurance -- the role of uncertainty.
To take only a few examples: Bush's staggering accumulation of campaign money has made the basement vault [mentioned in the Lomax satire] seem symbolically, if not literally, accurate; his repeated slips on the campaign trail have made it clear that he has little precise sense of geography or history (he may know the location of Bolivia but not Slovenia); and his enthusiastic endorsement of U.
For instance, the haiku about the soldier praying in his tent shares the page with one that strikingly combines the cleaning of a gun - potentially an agent of death - with an image symbolically analogous:
Augustine in an effort to symbolically unify the city.