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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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However, the Switchback which seems to paralyze Scott isn't the only task from another season that the teams will see.
The reoffending rate for Switchback trainees is so astonishingly low - just 12% - that this week it was presented with the Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Rehabilitation at the House of Lords, in memory of the MP, Labour peer and much-missed father of my Mirror columnist colleague Polly Hudson.
8 Which is the only British racecourse on which Flat racing is held on a switchback figure of eight?
New York archer Charlie Fiscella shot this 8-pointer with a Mathews Switchback, Gold Tip arrow, and Grim Reaper head.
The Fairground Museum will house major items from the Trust's collection, including fully-working historic rides and the prized exhibit the Rodeo Switchback, built in 1880.
The views from Leuschen's Switchback Ranch, straddling the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains, are nearly as stunning as the panorama from his New York office on Fifth Avenue, high above Central Park.
The parti is that of a concrete parking garage, with shelves perpendicular to a 2 degree switchback ramp calibrated to the walking pace of a disabled person.
The Tracker, modeled after Benchmade's 921 Switchback, which won the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Knife of the Year 2003 award, features a 3" exclusive BT2 black steel Tanto style blade with 40% serration.
OF COURSE WE ENJOY CAPER FILMS BE cause they're thrilling, because we get a vicarious experience of running with the wild crowd, because they have an intricate plot that zigs and zags like a runaway train on a switchback trail, and because they come together at the end like a puzzle falling into place.
Benchmades new Model 921 Switchback folding knife features a super sharp 3.
Caption: Brewing out of Hood River, Oregon, Full Sail announced this month the debut of their new spring seasonal Switchback Ale, which is described as having a rich red color while being packaged in equally stunning, scenic artwork.