switch order

Switch order

Order for the purchase (sale) of one stock and the sale (purchase) of another stock at a stipulated price difference. Contingent order, swap.

Swap Order

An order to a broker to buy a security and sell the same security, but only if the broker can achieve a certain price differential. For example, an investor may make a swap order to buy a certain number of shares of Stock X and sell the same number of shares, but only if the broker can sell them at $1 more per share. If the broker is unable to do this, then no part of the order is executed. A swap order is also called a switch order.

switch order

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Although the 90th percentile was lower in the Fourth District than the nation in 1970, the increase in high-poverty neighborhoods between 1970 and 1990 was even greater in the Fourth District than the nation as a whole, causing these 90th percentile bars to switch order by 1990.
Commercial sales in the current marketplace are extremely challenging, so we are pleased to receive a core switch order from our current technology project within the Federal marketplace," noted Raptor Networks Technology Chairman and CEO Tom Wittenschlaeger.
Foxboro's fully integrated SCADA solution for Idaho Falls Power includes Master Stations, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and advanced applications for Distribution Load Flow, Distribution Connectivity, Switch Order Management, Adaptive Load Forecasting, and Study/Simulator.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sattel Communications, a subsidiary of The Diana Corporation (OTC-Bulletin Board: DNAK) today announced that it received a DSS switch order from Cellular XL Associates, LP, a Cellular One franchisee in Hattiesburg, Mississippi that provides local, long distance and Internet access services.
If that means hand- carrying every local switch order through the PacBell bureaucracy, step-by- step, then that's just what we'll do.
the momentum provided by switch orders for the re-opening enabled the
An undisclosed South Korean LED packager contracted to supply Samsung has reportedly turned to FOREPI since October for the chips and will switch orders originally set aside for Epistar to FOREPI.
And they'll switch orders for up to pounds 1billion worth of parts for their new R40 model overseas as part of that economy drive.
Although our revenues were lower than expected, the shortfall was primarily due to delays in revenue recognition for previously booked switch orders and delays in expected Bandwidth Optimization orders," said Doug Sabella, Chief Executive Officer of Veraz Networks.
Recently the sharp appreciation of the Japanese yen against the greenback has prompted foreign buyers to switch orders to Taiwan from Japan.
The shortfall from previous guidance is primarily due to (1) approximately $2 million in Company's In-Flight Entertainment and Communications ("IFE&C") business that was originally scheduled for shipment in 2007, but is now scheduled for shipment in the first half of 2008 due to customer delays and (2) approximately $1 million in delayed switch orders associated with the Defense Logistics Agency.