sweat equity

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Sweat equity

An increase in equity created by the labor of the owner.
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Sweat Equity

The physical work that one puts into an asset, company, or venture that increases its value. For example, one may work constantly on one's writing business so as to increase the revenue one receives from various contracts. This, in turn, increases the value of the business when the writer decides to sell the contracts to someone else. Likewise, one may build a new front porch onto one's house to increase its resale value. In both cases, the physical work is called sweat equity.
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sweat equity

An increase in the value of property due to the rehabilitation and renovation efforts of the owner,usually acting as his or her own general contractor,subcontractor,and laborer.
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Together, with investments, nurturing and "sweat equity," we can make a diverse legal profession a reality.
Terry White, licensed contractor and owner of Earth Wise Builders, offers a DIY home remodeling mentoring service to make home improvement projects affordable and possible for anyone willing to put sweat equity into their home.
Sweat equity is sometimes also used in rental properties where your free work can result in lower rents or enhanced facilities in your home.
But buyer beware: There is no guarantee of success, and a franchise requires the same amount of commitment, sacrifice and sweat equity as any independent business, said Matthew Shay, president of the International Franchise Association in Washington.
Women may need a crow bar to get into the door of athletic leadership, but it is well worth the extra sweat equity!"
The contract was awarded after the congressman lauded the Karics' "extensive humanitarian and charity projects," but Karen insists it was her old-fashioned sweat equity that won the day: "I worked my butt off, and they liked it."
Faced with an elementary school in dire need of curb appeal, Tyler Duff organized "sweat equity" in the form of 250 college students to pitch in with painting and landscaping.
Finally, there is the issue of sweat equity, or the value of trying.
Sounds like you have a lot of sweat equity in this, so I'd feel good about your due diligence.
Take, for example, his genuine sweat equity when a January storm dumped a foot of snow on the Motown Winter Blast outdoor festival, which will be repeated during Super Bowl week.
Thanks to the United Empire Loyalist organization, Athens Township, the executive of the Jessup Branch, Wiltse descendants, friends and neighbours who contributed both financially and with "sweat equity" our official dedication was held in early October.