sweat equity

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Sweat equity

An increase in equity created by the labor of the owner.

Sweat Equity

The physical work that one puts into an asset, company, or venture that increases its value. For example, one may work constantly on one's writing business so as to increase the revenue one receives from various contracts. This, in turn, increases the value of the business when the writer decides to sell the contracts to someone else. Likewise, one may build a new front porch onto one's house to increase its resale value. In both cases, the physical work is called sweat equity.

sweat equity

An increase in the value of property due to the rehabilitation and renovation efforts of the owner,usually acting as his or her own general contractor,subcontractor,and laborer.
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What is not widely known is that the 26 per cent equity was broken up in this manner-- the Gaekwads were to get only 10 per cent of this ( 10 per cent free plus one paid) and Sunanda, who later married Tharoor, was to get 5 per cent as sweat equity towards her contribution in bringing MNC sponsors for the franchise.
Grantees may carry out activities directly and/or distribute SHOP funds to local non-profit affiliates that will develop the SHOP units, select homebuyers, coordinate the homebuyer sweat equity and volunteer efforts, and assist in the arrangement of interim and permanent financing for the homebuyers.
color) Twin sisters Gennessis, left, and Geminnis Enriquez, freshmen at UCLA on academic scholarships, helped their family provide sweat equity in the construction of their three-bedroom, carpeted, Habitat for Humanity home in Pacoima.
In Birmingham, 11 residents in the Bordesley area were given the chance to take part in a new-build sweat equity scheme with According Housing Association.
Partner families agree to contribute 500 hours of sweat equity (volunteer labour) toward the construction of their home.
Many legislators, though not all, understand that borrowed capital and sweat equity is a promising formula for the creation of new wealth and a more efficient industrial community.
Now, I teach my students the Sweat Equity Skills - Investors put up all the capital.
Using their own labor, along with sweat equity from armies of volunteers, these families will construct their own homes and become stakeholders in their own neighborhoods.
in Lancaster, will be purchased through a non-interest mortgage by Beth and Jeremy Wagley, who have contributed over 800 hours of sweat equity to this project.
Hart-Lafayette families earn between 50% to 80% of the city's area median income, contribute sweat equity and assume an affordable mortgage, paying no more than 33% of their gross income on monthly housing expenses.
Party spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad said Pushkar's offer to return the sweat equity would not wash away the "stain of corruption".
One of the rationales for the creation of Black History Month was the correct observation that the continued presence of that asterisk separated black people from an American history and American cultural values that we had earned through sweat equity.