sweat equity

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Sweat equity

An increase in equity created by the labor of the owner.

Sweat Equity

The physical work that one puts into an asset, company, or venture that increases its value. For example, one may work constantly on one's writing business so as to increase the revenue one receives from various contracts. This, in turn, increases the value of the business when the writer decides to sell the contracts to someone else. Likewise, one may build a new front porch onto one's house to increase its resale value. In both cases, the physical work is called sweat equity.

sweat equity

An increase in the value of property due to the rehabilitation and renovation efforts of the owner,usually acting as his or her own general contractor,subcontractor,and laborer.
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SWEAT equity operates in a variety of different ways with different levels of commitment resulting in different levels of ownership
Grantees may carry out activities directly and/or distribute SHOP funds to local non-profit affiliates that will develop the SHOP units, select homebuyers, coordinate the homebuyer sweat equity and volunteer efforts, and assist in the arrangement of interim and permanent financing for the homebuyers.
Although the renovation of Sandhurst House is currently the only sweat equity project of its kind, there are a number of self-build projects underway across the country involving the building of new homes, and ten more are in the pipeline.
Tharoor is reportedly in trouble after IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi tweeted to reveal that Sunanda, a close associate of Tharoor, had been gifted sweat equity worth Rs 70 crores in the new Kochi team, which was sold for Rs 1530 crores last month.
Under the Unlisted Companies (Issue of Sweat Equity Shares) Rules, 2003, issued by the department of company affairs, it is not enough even if the parties are mutually agreed that such consideration -- work, or, as Tharoor has suggested, intellectual property or know-how -- was indeed worth the equivalent of 25 per cent of the company.
In a small town, these kinds of investments are pretty secure, but there is a lot of sweat equity.
Fred, an electrical engineer by trade, and Richard, who is retired from the Army, say the reasoning was simple: "We weren't going to give up, so we made it happen through sweat equity and personal funds until the cash flow started.
Using their own labor, along with sweat equity from armies of volunteers, these families will construct their own homes and become stakeholders in their own neighborhoods.
New Delhi, Apr 16 (ANI): Proceedings in Parliament were adjourned till noon on Friday after Opposition members rose to demand an explanation from Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor, who is alleged to have misused his official position to help his friend Sunanda Pushkar get sweat equity worth Rs.
Getting on to a condo or a co-op board requires a significant investment --both in time and sweat equity.
also in Fairfax, made "an investment of $1 million and sweat equity," says English.