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the process of translating a product idea into a product which can be produced and marketed on a commercial basis. Though design is a creative process it has economic consequences insofar as a product's shape, configuration and performance affect its marketability and its cost of production. In order to achieve high product variety without involving an excessive variety of components, designers often use common, interchangeable parts and design products on a modular basis.

In order to remain competitive, firms need continuously to review the design of their products in the light of new developments in materials and processes. The technique of VALUE ANALYSIS is used to identify possible sources of cost savings without impairing a product's performance. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

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This organisational structure has implications for the decisions in the survey design, striking the appropriate balance between harmonisation, on the one hand, and functional equivalence (e.g.
A separate question is whether the propensity score model needs to be a weighted regression or account for the complex survey design elements.
The purpose of survey design is to generalize research finding to larger groups of a population based on a studying a subset of the target population.
The survey design uses the client's brand and imagery to reinforce who is delivering this valuable product.
The SPSS Data Entry family of products, which includes everything from survey design to data collection software, consists of SPSS Data Entry Builder, SPSS Data Entry Station and SPSS Data Entry Enterprise Server.
* Unless you are convinced that a reasonable survey design was carried through with rigor, objectivity, and integrity, don't trust it.
Members of the LPH Environmental Leadership Group (a group of community residents organized around environmental health issues) were trained in survey research methods including survey design, randomization, recruitment and interview techniques, quality control, and confidentiality procedures.
Wireless Internet and communications company iTouch has launched iSurvey, a survey design and deployment solution.
This handbook outlines sample survey design issues and can be used as a reference by national statisticians, analysts, and researchers conducting survey work and related activities in their countries.
Useful guidelines and principles for the implementation and design of web-based surveys have emerged (Dillman, 2000; Dillman et al., 1998b; Schonlau et al., 2002), although others recommend the use of plain and simple web-based surveys arguing that principles of good paper survey design also apply to web-based surveys (Ranchhod & Zhou, 2001; Peat, 2001).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-14 February 2002-New survey design and deployment tool now shipping from iTouch (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
It covers survey design and implementation; sample design issues such as master samples and master frames, the use of design effects in sample design and analysis, and design effects in several developing countries; non-sampling error measurement, evaluation, and control; and analysis of survey costs and development of survey budgets.

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