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Federal deficit (surplus)

When federal government expenditures are exceeded by (are less than) federal government revenue.


The amount by which the revenue of a government from taxes, tariffs and other sources exceeds its expenditures. A surplus means that the budget is likely healthy, at least in the short-term, and in any case the government does not have to resort to borrowing. Some economists believe that a budget surplus or deficit has only minor importance, while others believe that it is very important to maintain a surplus if at all possible. Most U.S. states are required to maintain either a surplus or a balanced budget, while the federal government is not. See also: Federal deficit.


1. Equity in excess of par value. Surplus includes additional paid-in capital and retained earnings.
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In the BSP's latest balance of payments (BOP) quarterly report, the current account surplus improved due to higher net receipts from secondary income and services, and lower trade in goods deficit.
But Korea has maintained the current account surplus since February 2012, the longest surplus run since the April 2003-March 2005 period.
Brown adds, "Today, the surplus lines market is recognized by regulators and lawmakers as a critical and highly reputable segment of the property and casualty insurance industry.
In December, the current account surplus totalled DKK7.
For the first time since the establishment of the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office (FSLSO) in 1998, Florida's surplus lines market experienced a decrease in the total premium reported.
Therefore, a fundamental question confronts surplus lines insurers: Which specific statutory requirements apply (or do not apply) to their business?
The income account, net income from Japanese investments overseas, registered a record-high surplus of 13,744.
the need for construction and demolition specialists will be important to their surplus asset management and disposition efforts at some time, in some way.
Northern Ontario does not have a surplus of skilled designers and craft people.
03-04-00660-CV, 7/28/2005, the Texas Court of Appeals struck down the "throwback provision" as applied to the earned surplus calculation of the Texas franchise tax.
We have only regained 12 percent of the surplus assets lost over the past three years, so plan sponsors will have to continue to focus on their asset allocation and funding strategies.
In addition, draft regulations released in 2002 would have restricted the amount of surplus eligible for the section 93 deemed dividend in these circumstances.