support level

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Support level

A price level below which it is supposedly difficult for a security or market to fall. That is, the price level at which a security tends to stop falling because there is more demand than supply; can be identified on a technical basis by seeing where the stock has bottomed out in the past.


In technical analysis, a price that a security does not or only rarely falls below. Technical analysts identify a support level by looking at past performance. It is seen as an indication to buy the security, which will increase the demand, causing the security's price to move above the support level. The demand comes from investors who fail to buy the security at the support price, and resolve to do so if it reaches that price again. If buyers are not forthcoming, however, the security falls below the support level. When this occurs, the price of the security will likely continue to drop until it finds another support level. See also: Price floor, Resistance (Resistance level).

support level

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support level
A price at which a security or the market will receive considerable buying pressure. Technical analysts believe demand at the support level will tend to keep a stock's price from falling below the support-level price. A support level develops as investors miss purchasing a stock just before a price rise and resolve to buy the stock if it again reaches that level. Compare resistance level.
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Aldar Properties is still trading in uptrend, but it has strong support level at Dh2.
This is the key reason Moody's cannot rely on the recent past as justification for relaxing its long-term view on credit support levels for newly originated pools.
Tadawul All Share TASI index may face resistance level at 10,000, before reaching support level of 9,287, said Al Ashri.
Al Rajhi Bank may go down again to test support level of 47.
The drop on the ADX from the high on June 14 to the recent low was 12 per cent and has fallen through more important support levels than the DFM.
To that end we will remain firmly focused on growing our power brands around the world behind innovation, strong support levels and improving market execution.
BBY's dip below both of these key support levels yesterday could be a sign that support in the region is weakening, as repeated tests of such support levels can lessen their effectiveness.
Both Boyd Gaming (NYSE:BYD) and Trump Entertainment Resorts (NASDAQ:TRMP) have pulled back this morning, but are perched on or near former support levels.
The Dubai index could go down to support levels of 4,928 to 4,723, but it still has a target of around 5,500 within four weeks.
45 million of outstanding certificates, is the result of higher-than-expected collateral losses to date and reflect deterioration in the relationship between future loss expectations and credit support levels.
With FootPrints, government IT departments can deliver the service and support levels they require, and manage their complex technology infrastructures using a single, award-winning solution.
The negative rating actions on classes B-3 and B-4 of series 2004-J3, affecting $749,224 of outstanding certificates, are the result of higher-than-expected losses to date and reflect deterioration in the relationship between future loss expectations and credit support levels.

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