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The process of investigating a company's accounts receivable according to how long individual invoices have been outstanding. Analysts can use aging to identify bad debt and/or problems with the company's credit policy.


A technique for evaluating the composition of a firm's accounts receivables to determine whether irregularities exist. It is carried out by grouping a firm's accounts receivables according to the length of time accounts have been outstanding. For example, a financial analyst may use aging to determine whether a firm carries many overdue debtors that may never pay their bills.
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Fisher (1995) alluded to a definition for successful aging as a developmental process when he wrote:
When individuals and society understand that old age has its own rewards and gifts, and that it makes its own irreplaceable contribution to the common good, we will also recognize that successful aging is quite different from youth and that trying to age well is a noble and dignified undertaking while trying to stay young is a vain and ignoble one.
Read the full Milken Institute report on Best Cities for Successful Aging.
This conceptual framework will be used to examine the relationship between attitudes toward new health technologies and successful aging in the population under study.
This inconsistency between subjects' physical health and their self-rated successful aging can be partly explained by their hearing, said Dr.
10th Ave; information about classes and programs will be provided by Small Business Development Center and Customized Training, Continuing Education, Successful Aging Institute, English as a Second Language, Adult Basic and Secondary Education, Energy Management and Center for Meeting and Learning; Titan store will be open; music, snacks and prizes.
campaign encourages residents to try new activities related to the four elements of successful aging, with each week focused on one of the four elements: intellectual engagement, social interaction, physical activity or spiritual connection.
Although the levels of sexual activity and functioning did vary significantly, depending on the woman's age, their perceived quality of life, successful aging and sexual satisfaction remained positive.
Israel) thus introduces 25 reprinted journal articles by Israeli scholars from 1995-2005 on issues of identity, coping with change and loss, quality of life, caregiving, and what makes for successful aging.
This nuanced approach considers individual and global measures that incorporate elements of the recovery model in schizophrenia and the successful aging model in gerontology.
The key to successful aging and longevity is to decrease chronic inflammation without compromising an acute response when exposed to pathogens.
Lives through the years; styles of life and successful aging.

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