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The process of investigating a company's accounts receivable according to how long individual invoices have been outstanding. Analysts can use aging to identify bad debt and/or problems with the company's credit policy.


A technique for evaluating the composition of a firm's accounts receivables to determine whether irregularities exist. It is carried out by grouping a firm's accounts receivables according to the length of time accounts have been outstanding. For example, a financial analyst may use aging to determine whether a firm carries many overdue debtors that may never pay their bills.
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Elevated levels of interleukin-6 reduced the odds of experiencing successful aging by 47%, elevated the risk of undergoing cardiovascular events by 64%, and more than doubled the risk of noncardiovascular death in comparison with subjects whose levels were lower.
The SAGE study was a structured, multicohort population-based study designed to assess successful aging.
All of the findings seem to have supported his earlier hypothesis: that each task (not necessarily all together--some participants did not go through keeper of the meaning) is a predictor of successful aging in its own right.
Baltes and Baltes (1990) proposed a model of successful aging developed from a theory of adaptive development and effective life management through selective optimization with compensation (SOC; Baltes & Carstensen, 2003; Baltes & Smith, 2003).
Participation in leisure, productive, and social activities not only contributes to quality of life, also it constitutes the engagement component of successful aging (Brown and Frankel 1993; Lennartsson and Silverstein 2001; Rowe and Kahn 1999).
Furthermore, unlike successful aging, which defines "success" in quantifiable terms (i.
Part I deals with developments in health care that relate to successful aging, such as telemedicine, the older patient's relationship with providers under managed care, hearing and listening health, and support groups.
Tim Lash , executive vice president strategy and successful aging, West Health.
at River Road Park & Recreation District, 1400 Lake Drive; first class will be Monday on "Dementia Conversations"; subsequent classes will be "Effective Communication Strategies" on June 22 and "Understanding & Responding to Dementia-Related Behavior" on June 29; classes are free but registration is required; to register, call 800-272-3900; for credit through Successful Aging Institute, participants must attend all three classes; for full list of upcoming classes visit www.
LOS ANGELES -- Most older adults have sleep-related complaints, and most use some form of sleep aid, according to findings from the Successful Aging Evaluation study.
com)-- On February 23rd and 24th, AST Enzymes will be attending the fourth annual Successful Aging Expo hosted by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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