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Beginning with 1367, the city spreads to such an extent into the suburbs, that a new wall becomes necessary, particularly on the right bank; Charles V.
Yes, indeed, we find it very healthy," she said, and she went on, as people who live in the suburbs so often do, to prove that it was healthier, more convenient, and less spoilt than any suburb round London.
There's an old widow in her room, somewhere, let us suppose in the suburbs of Leeds.
If I am not mistaken, it is an Allosaurus of the Upper Jurassic, remains of which have been found in Central Wyoming, in the suburbs of New York.
Across the desolate plain, stripped bare of all vegetation, and made hideous forever by the growth of a mighty industry, where the furnace fires reddened the sky, and only the unbroken line of ceaseless lights showed where town dwindled into village and suburbs led back again into town.
All the maids and matrons of the southern suburbs had rallied at her summons, there was an influential platform with Dr.
All, or nearly all, had their heads pointed outwards, showing how the terrified men of the city had at the last moment made a vain endeavor to rejoin their families in the suburbs or the country.
Sunday by Sunday, now from this hilltop and now from that, they looked down upon the city and its farming suburbs, and he pointed out to her his latest acquisitions.
The nephew of one of the standard Victorian novelists, Mainhall bobbed about among the various literary cliques of London and its outlying suburbs, careful to lose touch with none of them.
At the first slopshop I encountered in the suburbs of the town, I got a carpet-bag and a clerical-looking suit.
Early this morning I drove to the school in the suburbs at which she is being educated, and took her away with me.
One evening, as he wandered through the suburbs with his whole attention fixed on the sky, he fell accidentally into a deep well.