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This table provides the number of arrests in suburban areas in 2010 broken down by race of the arrestee.
A delegation of district members led by Raza Ullah Chagharmati met with District Nazim Peshawar, Mohammad Asim and informed him that sugarcane crop is ready in suburban areas of the city and in certain areas sugarcane crop has been harvested.
He said that there is no proper transport system which could cater the needs of suburban areas of the Islamabad, however, this public welfare project will not only facilitate the residents of suburban areas but will also augment the transport needs of the city.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's capital was choked with heavy congestion Thursday morning due to the delay of trucks entering the Beirut Port, causing severe traffic extending to suburban areas.
Camra said 29 pubs closed every week in the UK in the past year, with 17 in suburban areas.
Suburban areas exclude all metropolitan agencies associated with a principal city.
Solihull Council is praised for its supplementary planning advice, which protects large gardens in suburban areas from being developed into new houses and flats.
PEC began operations in 1938 and provides electric transmission and distribution services to rural and suburban areas comprising, in total, 8,100 square miles in central Texas, including part or all of 44 municipalities and towns.
The City Council suspended the fee, raising concerns about the way it was assessed to condominium owners and whether some neighborhoods included in the fire zones are actually suburban areas far from hillsides or fields of brush.
The agencies associated with suburban areas also appear in other
Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that the government had information about regrouping of terrorists gangs in the suburban areas of the provincial capital and in order to avoid repetition of tragic incidents like Ekkaghund in Mohmand agency the government was compelled to carry out these operations.
These rental rates demonstrate the strength of the market along the busy Flatbush Avenue corridor, where the uniquely ethnic product mix leads to consumption rates matching many upscale suburban areas.