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The object of the acquisition was the provision of subsidized housing and after-care services.
Some developers are advocating that Eugene consider expanding its urban growth boundary to include small areas not suitable for farming, and restrict use of that land to affordable housing, including subsidized housing.
Riad Salameh Thursday reinstated subsidized housing and productive loans worth $1.
The NYC Department of Veterans' Services is working with private sector partners to leverage and expand the resources needed to provide subsidized housing to veterans.
Based on research conducted for the authors' 2013 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities Research Grant, oSustainable Affordable Housing in Shrinking US Cities: Developing an Analytic Tool for Siting Subsidized Housing and Evaluating HUD Program Outcomes,o this book examines aspects of urban revitalization in shrinking cities in the US, focusing on how affordable housing fits into anchor-based revitalization strategies in Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo.
Free-market affordable housing can't compete against subsidized housing.
Through deal structuring, Silver Street has been able to both add 84 units of subsidized housing to the property and to embark on a series of green renovations, including the installation of large rooftop solar array.
Some local public housing and subsidized housing agencies across the country have already moved forward with smoking bans of their own.
Citizens having no other property registered on their name and monthly income of which does not exceed EUR 900 may apply for two types of subsidized housing credit to buy or to extend a house or to buy a flat
Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, APHA and other public health organizations called for an end to the option of smoking in subsidized housing, calling the move "historic in protecting public health, and especially the health of our children in our nation's most vulnerable populations.
It also suggested holding housing authorities accountable if they continue allowing ineligible people to receive subsidized housing.
Muscat, Oct 1 (ONA) The number of subsidized housing loans approved by the Oman Housing Bank (OHB) in the period from January 1st to August 31st, 2013 was 1885 loans to citizens in various governorates across the Sultanate, amounted to RO 73,154,300.