subscription warrant

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Subscription warrant

Applies to derivative products. Type of security, usually issued with another security, such as a bond or stock, that entitles the holder to buy a proportionate amount of common stock at a specified price, usually higher than the market price at the time of issuance. Warrant.

Subscription Warrant

In derivatives, a security, usually attached to another security, that gives the right to buy a certain amount in common stock in the company issuing the subscription warrant at or below the market price. Subscription warrants are usually issued with a bond to encourage investors to purchase the debt. They operate much like call options, but are issued by corporations, instead of individual investors; they are particularly susceptible to volatility. See also: Subscription right.

subscription warrant

See warrant.
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in respect of the period, before the Subscription Warrants may be
Note 2) There is a possibility that any share subscription warrants attached to the PENTAX Bonds with Share Subscription Warrants could be exercised by the end of the Tender Offer period.
The subscription warrant programme is not expected to lead to any considerable costs for the company.
Tokyo TSE: 4704), a leading provider of antivirus and Internet content security software, today adopted the following resolutions regarding the issuance of bonds with subscription warrants at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company held on March 26, 2002.
concerning the PENTAX Share Subscription Warrants which were issued in accordance with a resolution of the Target's board of directors' meeting held on May 23, 2005 and a resolution of the Target's annual general meeting of shareholders held on June 24, 2005, such Tender Offeror's acquisition or holding of its shares, etc.
The subscription price per share shall be based on a market valuation of the subscription warrant, including the consideration per subscription warrant at transfer in accordance with the above, and shall be determined by an independent valuation institute in accordance with established valuation methods (Black & Scholes) in connection with the allotment of the subscription warrants to AarhusKarlshamn Invest AB.
The summary of the issuance of the bond with subscription warrant is as follows.
Today, we have received from HOYA CORPORATION a report to the effect that, as a result of the Tender Offer that was conducted from July 3 through August 6 of 2007, 118,064,117 shares of our common stock and 2,493 units of PENTAX Bonds with Share Subscription Warrants have been tendered.
Subscription and payment for the subscription warrants shall be made by 1 December 2010 at the latest, with a right for the Board of Directors to extend these time limits.
the purchase price of each of the Pentax bonds with share subscription warrants = (the issue price of each bond (1,005,000 Yen) / the convertible price (540 Yen))* the purchase price of common stock (in the event that the result is not a whole number, the purchase price will be rounded to the nearest Yen).