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Describing a class of security that, in the event of liquidation, is prioritized lower than other classes of security. For example, a subordinated security may be an unsecured loan, which has no collateral. Should the issuer be liquidated, all secured bonds and debts must be repaid before the subordinated security is repaid. A subordinated security carries higher risk but also pays higher returns than other classes. See also: Junior Debt.


To agree to place one's mortgage or other interests in a junior position relative to another. See subordinated ground lease and subordinated mortgage.

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Because patronage distributions of net earnings are based upon the patronage business done by the members with Corp P, the principle of subordination of capital is not violated.
The authors note that "some nurses even now seem to be caught in the traditional subordination of women and exhibit little understanding of their own subjugation.
Gender, Sex, and Subordination is a much better book than its conclusion would suggest.
While Gender, Sex, and Subordination shows a consistent awareness of the differences between ideologies and practice, it might have demonstrated a sharper sense of the fissures between competing ideologies and of the fault-lines within dominant ideologies themselves.
For his insights, his knowledge, and his massive bibliography, Gender, Sex, and Subordination should be required reading for anyone in the field.
Chase claimed all of the $300,000 surplus money, since its initial $100,000 mortgage was placed on the property before Selma Kent docketed her $408,000 judgment and in addition, the remaining mortgages of Chase were superior to the claim of Selma Kent because of her subordination agreement, under which her judgment lien became secondary to the new Chase mortgage.
Again, Selma Kent argued that Chase's declaration that the work-out agreement was null and void caused the subordination agreement to be discharged.
The Appellate Division agreed that the declaration by Chase that the work-out agreement was null and void did not terminate the subordination agreement of Selma Kent.
These days, however, tenants must consider the risk of entering into a lease without providing for something more than the standard subordination clause without modification.
Depending upon the bargaining strength of the tenant, the standard subordination clause can be modified in several ways to be more palatable to the tenant.
50% subordination provided by classes M-1 through M-10, monthly excess interest and initial overcollateralization (OC) of 0.