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Describing a class of security that, in the event of liquidation, is prioritized lower than other classes of security. For example, a subordinated security may be an unsecured loan, which has no collateral. Should the issuer be liquidated, all secured bonds and debts must be repaid before the subordinated security is repaid. A subordinated security carries higher risk but also pays higher returns than other classes. See also: Junior Debt.
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To agree to place one's mortgage or other interests in a junior position relative to another. See subordinated ground lease and subordinated mortgage.

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In the resource allocation condition, superiors allocated a total of six production minutes between two subordinates. In the no-resource allocation condition, each subordinate received a fixed three minutes of production time.
The senior and subordinate NYCMWFA SRF bonds are issued separately and apart from the traditional pool program, but the ratings are closely linked to the underlying rating of NYCMWFA.
When there is no "arguable question of professional duty," a subordinate lawyer must adhere to the rules of professional conduct, even if it conflicts with instructions from a supervising lawyer.
The effort level of the subordinate is assumed to be observable to the manager.
Ingratiation may also influence exchange quality by biasing supervisor judgements of subordinate performance.
At Gettysburg, Lee seemed reluctant to assemble his key subordinates to jointly discuss strategy.
The book identifies six core responsibilities of the mid-level manager and six rules for their delegation critical to the position and the interface with upper management, including subordinate development.
The court was not persuaded, noting that M's compensation and fringe benefits were fixed and not subordinate to HMI's general creditors.
Suppose you ask, "How do you like working here?" and your subordinate responds, "I think it's a pretty good company to work for." Most managers now turn to a different topic, feeling the question has been answered.
When conveying a historic preservation conservation easement to Preservation Easement Trust, the donation process can be divided into five steps: submit conservation easement application form; obtain certified historic structure designation; subordinate mortgages; perform real estate appraisal; and convey conservation easement.
A true leader would never tell a subordinate, "The boss isn't too happy with your product." More than likely, a skilled leader would say something like this: "We missed the mark on this one.