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Describing a class of security that, in the event of liquidation, is prioritized lower than other classes of security. For example, a subordinated security may be an unsecured loan, which has no collateral. Should the issuer be liquidated, all secured bonds and debts must be repaid before the subordinated security is repaid. A subordinated security carries higher risk but also pays higher returns than other classes. See also: Junior Debt.


To agree to place one's mortgage or other interests in a junior position relative to another. See subordinated ground lease and subordinated mortgage.

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Consequently, executives see managers and supervisors differently than subordinates do.
Departments first need to create a form for subordinates to complete to evaluate their supervisors.
The process involves three categories of employees - subordinates, supervisors, and executives.
Coalition was another popular strategy in persuading subordinates and superiors.
22] He suggests that physicians in management have a responsibility to help their subordinates perform their tasks "faster," "cheaper," and "smarter.
The strategic differences found in influencing likable and dislikable subordinates provides support for this review.
10,670,013 series 2006B first subordinate capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2046 'BBB';
9,867,332 series 2006C second subordinate capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2046 'BBB-';
37,604,290 series 2006D third subordinate capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2060 'BB'.
26,427,000 class E-FX fixed-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'BBB+' from 'BBB';
10,600,000 class E-FL floating-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'BBB+' from 'BBB';
22,871,000 class F fixed-rate subordinate notes affirmed at 'BBB';