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Assignment of Lease

The transfer of a lease by the lessee to another party. For example, if one rents an apartment, one might sell or give one's friend the right to live there (and the obligation to make payments). The assignor (the original lessee) remains bound by the lease contract if the assignee fails to make his/her obligations, unless the lessor states otherwise. Because of the potential complications, some lessors do not allow lessees to engage in assignment of lease.
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See sublease.

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This is in accordance with Article 12(3) of the Sharjah Rental Law, which states, "Landlord may not demand eviction of the tenant prior to expiry of tenancy period before the lapse of three years as of the signature date of the lease contract unless the tenant sublets the premises without the consent of the landlord and without prejudice to the provisions of the transfer of ownership of a commercial concern determined in accordance with the provisions of the federal law of commercial transactions." Know the law
You should enter into a written, signed agreement with the person who sublets your place.
The ability to sublet at current market rents, irrespective of the level of rent currently payable to the landlord, is extremely advantageous to a tenant with excess space.
"I rent my apartment for SR17,000 and then sublet it to pilgrims for over SR13,000 for the few days of the Haj," he said.
Uncertain whether she'd like her new job or environs, Christiani decided to sublet her Brooklyn residence.
It was further described as a `developer plus' building, a term referring to its economical budget but more importantly to its ability to be sublet or otherwise treated as flexible real estate.
Sublet, an artist visiting the Hallet plantation looking for "bits of 'local color'." There Sublet is taken with the decidedly "local" appearance of a Cajun, Evariste Bonamour, and contracts to draw his picture, giving him two silver dollars to secure the contract.
Eschewing the current of onomastic studies that concentrates only upon rarities or symbolism, Sublet roots her work firmly in the great compilation of biographical data assembled in the Onomasticon Arabicum.
Mr Khan said mine owners only collect rent, by sub-letting mines that are then sublet further.
A PLAN to shake up how Turkish Cypriot properties are distributed is expected to be ready within three months after it was revealed this week that nine out of ten who hold such properties sublet them, often at inflated rates.
New York law presents a statutory right to sublet, provided the tenant follows to the letter, a statutory procedure.