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Describing a bid or offer for a security that is still negotiable. That is, a subject bid/offer is not firm and requires confirmation before a transaction involving it can be executed.

subject to

Refers to the practice of purchasing real property on which there is an existing mortgage and, rather than paying off or assuming the mortgage, simply allowing it to remain on the property in the original owner's name.Purchasers buying property subject to a mortgage should make sure the loan does not have a due-on-sale clause and that it is not enforceable in the particular circumstances, and they should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that monthly mortgage payments are made on time.

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GPs are subject to SE tax on their share of income.
Active listening skills are specific communication techniques designed to demonstrate understanding, encourage the subject to talk and verbally vent emotions, and build rapport between the individual and the negotiator.
sanctions apply to "property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States"; "persons subject to the jurisdiction of the United States"; and "persons within the United States.
At major stationary sources subject to Title V, the CAM rule applies if all of the following conditions are met:
How to determine the amount that is required to be subject to FICA tax for any year.
The acreage subject to application includes primarily acreage which was subject to Zion's Asher Preliminary Permit as reduced in accordance with the provisions of the Israeli Petroleum Law, together with a small addition of acreage abutting to the north of the lands subject to the Asher Permit.
If the investigating officers do not want the subject to know of the investigation, they should consider whether it is a good idea to interview the subject's family and friends who may be in sympathy with the subject.
Although noting the lack of consensus, the final majority report suggested that pesticide testing on human subjects would be permissible if all such research were reviewed in advance by an institutional review board in accordance with the protections of the Common Rule (Office of Science and Technology Policy 1991) and subject to scrutiny by the U.
1031(b)-1(c) states that consideration received in the form of an assumption of liabilities (or a transfer subject to a liability) is to be treated as "other property or money.
Severance payments to workers generally are considered wages subject to withholding for
This regulation sets forth the circumstances under which a foreign corporation is subject to Massachusetts excise tax.
The study will require each subject to be followed for at least three years with visits to the implanting center up to two times per week.