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Complete review of adjacent properties for on site and off site issues that may affect the subject property.
Anchored by Dillards, JCPenney, Sears, and Ross, the subject property is over 90% occupied.
Further, there is limited information available regarding the subject property and comparable sales even when doing an individual appraisal.
Among the changes, Fannie will require appraisers who are 1111 performing an appraisal update to include a photograph of the front of a subject property so that the exterior inspection can be validated.
The price-quality regression method discussed in this article attempts to simulate the thought process buyers would go through in determining their prices for the comparable sales as well as the subject property.
com)-- Spectrum was able to assist their client by arranging financing so that they could refinance several notes that were originally used to finance the subject property and were coming due.
While the majority of property valuations-such as appraisals and broker price opinions (BPOs)--are based on MLS data, the new integration allows brokers and appraisers to access MLS data directly through EML's online platform, which will automatically populate the data-input fields with all available information on the subject property and comparable properties chosen by the broker or appraiser.
On May 14, 2003, an admitted buyer of controlled substances was shot several times at point-blank range by a suspect exiting the subject property.
If the comparable sales are not exactly similar to the asset being appraised, adjustments must be made to bring them as closely in line as possible with the subject property.
In substance, the 1996 purchase agreement was merely a step in X's continuing and successful attempts to acquire the subject property for R.
There are three values of records in the system in terms of the verification level of each: subject property records, comparable records and lead records.
acquisition value -- what the subject property is worth to a specific, individual buyer (or acquirer);