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1. See: Stub stock.

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The shares of equity in a firm that is financed almost completely with debt. Stubs are often created when firms go through a leveraged buyout or pay big cash dividends in order to fend off a takeover.
References in classic literature ?
We were always moved to appease him with the stub before the cigar was half gone, because he looked so viciously anxious.
Daylight pointed at the heap of receipts and stubs on the table.
Time and again the now useless stub of its giant sting struck futilely against my body, but the blows alone were almost as effective as the kick of a horse; so that when I say futilely, I refer only to the natural function of the disabled member--eventually the thing would have hammered me to a pulp.
I am a connoisseur," said he, taking another cigarette from the box--his fourth--and lighting it from the stub of that which he had finished.
So the Pumpkinhead rode boldly forward, and Tip grasped the stub tail of the Saw-Horse and followed with closed eyes.
With them were a rakish-looking elderly man and a young aristocrat, his eyeglass still in his eye, his cigarette burned down to the stub between the fingers of his begloved hand.
When he wagged his stub of a tail and smiled friendly with his eyes, the mate scowled at him and muttered angrily in his throat.
She sneezed continually, and her stub of a tail was doing its best toward lashing about by giving quick, violent jerks.
They manage the murder part of it all right, and then stub their toes on the body problem.
The high cost in the supply and installation of conventional and large shot-blasting chambers for cleaning the stubs on anode rods prompted MetalTech Gulf to develop this new stub cleaning technology in close cooperation with a local Gulf smelter.
5GHz and faster, via stubs begin to have a noticeable impact on the insertion and return loss of a PCB.
Safi Airways has come up with a straight forward transparent rewards program where the passenger can cash in his/her original boarding card stubs for tickets.