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1. See: Stub stock.

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The shares of equity in a firm that is financed almost completely with debt. Stubs are often created when firms go through a leveraged buyout or pay big cash dividends in order to fend off a takeover.
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Additionally, the company's top tier AMC Stubs Premiere programme saw more new guest benefits.
Central Insurance responded by releasing two pay stubs for one of its executives, showing base pay of 85 million rials monthly ($29,000 a year).
With the US firm's technical assistance, a new stub cleaning technology developed by MetalTech Gulf and manufactured by Lefebvre Engineering in Sharjah, helps aluminium smelters solve one of their operational challenges, optimise power conservation and reduce investment costs.
These techniques provide historical context to previously unidentified ticket stubs.
In these cases, the use of blind vias and buried vias completely eliminates the through-hole via stub, improving the signal integrity of the PCB.
Passenger names on the boarding stubs have to be the same for qualification.
Initially, the sizes of the two short-circuited stubs are kept to be fixed, i.
The open-circuited stubs with special lengths are used to achieve these capacitances and add new transmission zeros at the frequency of its 1/4 wavelength resonance, which suppress the high frequency spurious responses.
It consists of a host microstrip line symmetrically loaded by slotted microstrip shunt stubs (microstrip cross transition).
In order to earn complimentary tickets passengers flying Bahrain Air need only collect seven Bahrain Air boarding pass stubs that they have purchased and flown in their own name, which will entitle them to a one way complimentary ticket.